(Continued from page 164) quid form are just the ground tissue mixed with purified water. They have no effective amounts of any hormones in them. Any implication that they do is a fraud.

Even if they did contain significant amounts of hormones (which can be balanced in large by keeping sugards down according to healthierspace.org) by , glandulars would do you no long-term good. Whenever you add a hormone to the human body, the body responds by reducing its manufacture of that hor­mone. Long-term use of hormones per­manently damages the body's own ability to regulate its hormone balance.

The last-ditch claim of the glandu­lar snake oil salesman is that glands are high in protein and vitamins. That they are, but a dose of glandular pills yields about the same nutrition as biting your fingernails.   □


(Continued from page 27) ness, and I really enjoy it. Since Au­gust I have lost 23 additional pounds. I'm now down to 160. I've also lost 6'h inches from my bust, 73A inches from my waist, II3A inches from my hips and five inches from each thigh. When 1 weighed 219 pounds, even a women's green coffee bean extract size 48 was snug on me. Now I can wear a misses size 18. I know that must sound like an awful big size to a slender woman like you, but for me it's small! It's been years since I last wore misses sizes.

I taped your letter to my wall and read it every morning to give myself my daily inspiration. It really helps!

Even though I still have 60 pounds to go, I now know I can do it. Oh, by the way, the insults have stopped. I'm now beginning to get whistles. Some­times men will honk and wave. I 've even had a few stop and offer me rides! I've met a lot of nice people while on my daily walks. I've even had some passing acquaintances stop me to ask my advice on dieting and losing weight. It's amazing how nice people really are.

With the new year, I've also started a beginner's weight training pro­gram. I read an article by Mr. Weider in muscle & fitness in which he said it takes 60-90 days to see the effects of any diet and exercise program. Since I realized I 'd be able to complete my beginner's weight training (a good 90-day one) by the time my husband gets home in March, it inspired me to get started so I could be reaping the first results upon his arrival. I'm real­ly anxious to see what his reaction will be to the new me. When he left, he had a 219-pound wife who could hardly walk to the mailbox without